The Week in Review

Rough week… we had to live out of a hotel with our 2 dogs all week because our floors were getting redone.  Did terrible things for both my diet and my running 😉  Diet because I ate out all week, running because the hotel treadmill SUCKED and I had to run outside at the hotest part of the day from a hotel that was on top of a big hill.  Starting out was easy, getting back not so much.

rabbitThis morning was fairly light, only 10 miles.  I had this little guy as my pacer for a bit.  Ironic given my leg tattoo of a running tortoise.  Next week is my peak (I think?) of 24, then taper down to my 8 hour timed event August 6th (Sweltering Summer 8 hour).  The goal is 50k.  I’ve been feeling terribly sluggish which could be tired legs or could just be my crap diet.  Also put on a couple pounds which is the wrong direction.

Nothing new on the gear front this week but I am going to be putting on some sleeves next week to try the trick of shoving ice down them.  Also making a nice ice bandana as per the instructions here.  Got all the stuff from Amazon, just need my lovely wife to stitch it together.  I am torn about whether to actually try a semi-duplicate of what my race will be and head up to the track at the high school.  Although shorter than my race loop (it’s like .35) I need practice with the monotony, as well as with having a cooler and all to stop at.  So I may give it a go.

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