Welcome to September

So I’ve been negligent in posting, mostly because not much was going on.  After Sweltering Summer my foot was kiling me and my miles low.  That all changed a little over a week ago when I went on a business trip to Vegas and ran up in the mountains there.  Beautiful territory that I was totally unprepared for!14089040_10210627038301856_9087211700239794953_n

For starters I got there ahead of the sun cresting the peaks.  This was a little later in the run, but to start it was in the 50’s.  I had come from 100+ degree heat all week and was FROZEN!  My hands were actually super stiff.  It warmed some later but I should have expected that.

And of course I also had to deal with the elevation.  I live at about 390 feet or so normally.  The trail STARTED at 8800 feet and quickly climbed above 9200.  I was sucking wind big time trying to get a breath.  Running was out of the question for the first part, I was just trying to move one foot in front of the other!

14067624_10210627037621839_7454873592243143744_nStill the view was amazing and I was enjoying myself… mostly 🙂  I was due to do 12 miles which would have meant doing the loop twice.  Given my pace I would have been out there a long, long time.  Mistake number two was I had nowhere near enough food and water for that so I was resolved to do a single lap and then get more miles in later in the day.  I was definately feeling the pain!


About 2 miles in I fell.  Now, I fall a lot.  But falling in New England usually involves a relatively soft forrest floor maybe with some roots.  Falling here?  All rock.  Very sharp, very painful rock.  I avoided banging my head but I cut up a knee and banged my arm (more on that in a sec).  I was also getting very dizzy I assume from the elevation and was seeing spots.  I said screw it and turned around, choosing the shorter 2 miles back to my car rather than the 4 miles to finish the loop.

About 10 minutes later I was actually moving pretty well down hill.  I was beating myself up for my decision to turn when I happened to glace down at my forearm and said… what the hell??? I had a GIANT lump on my forearm.  It was just weird, and I kind of wondered if I had broken it or something.  I kept heading back to the car and over the next 10 minutes ANOTHER huge lump appeared and my whole forearm looked like a mess!


I thought for sure I’d broken it.  I was in a panic and trying not to hyperventilate.  I made it back to my car finally, and went down the mountain all ready to drive to the emergency room.  After a while driving reality set in.  I could fully move the arm.  It hurt, but it was a bruised hurt.  And the swelling was starting to go down!  By the time I got back to my hotel it was still swollen but no longer looked broken.  So I lived with it.

A week later I hurt and still have a small goose egg but it isn’t too bad.  I suppose I still might have cracked it a bit, but whatever.  The immediate swelling was scary but I’m guessing was something to do with the elevation.  I really wish I had gutted it out and finished the loop.  Have to wait a year before I am back in Vegas to try it again!