7-10 Review Week

Another hard week under my belt, peaking out for my Sweltering Summer 8 Hour in 4 weeks.  I topped out at 24 miles on my long run with 42 total and now it’s time to taper which is good because I am so freaking tired.  I have never really felt like I needed a taper before but right now I am screaming for one.  Of course I “ONLY” have to do 18 this weekend.  Eeeks.

trackI did 16 of the 24 on a 1/4 mile track Sunday.  It’s just mind numbing to run in a circle that much, and yet it was only half of what I intended to do in 4 weeks.  I would have done all 24 but I forgot to tape my nipples and started chafing very, very badly.  Bleeding through a shirt chafing.  I highly recommend KT tape for covering the boys.

Otherwise I did well from a nutrition perspective.  I used Tailwind, salted boiled potatos, and a UCAN bar.  Not #NSNG for sure but for the first time in forever I didn’t get sick on a long run.  To me that’s a huge bonus.  The weather was pretty cold especially for mid July so I didn’t get to test out my hot weather strategies but I should have my ice bandana ready for next weekend.