7-24 Week In Review

Well, I forgot to post last week ūüėČ ¬†Sorry! ¬†Not that I think anyone reads this but who knows. ¬†Anyway I am tapering down towards my 50k at the Sweltering Summer 8 hour in 2 more weeks, and yes I am very nervous. ¬†I think I may finally have my food and hydration under control but we will see when it comes race time! ¬†I do know my legs are fairly beat, so I am looking forward to the taper!

So a couple weeks ago I got a diagnosis for my ankle and foot pain that finally makes sense. For 3 years now I’ve been fighting pain in my foot and had diagnosis ranging from PF to Posterior Tib (never mind that my symptoms never matched any of them) and finally capped with ankle surgery to remove a chunk of cartilage floating around in there. Since the surgery I now have the joy of a far weaker ankle, a screwed up running gait that messes with my leg muscles and opposite shoulder swing, and still just have an almost constant level of pain. Fun is.

Anyway, talking with the doctor a couple weeks ago he said that what I have is tarsal tunnel syndrome… carpal tunnel but in my ankle. And that I have the choice of live with it or get an even more complex surgery that will mean I can’t run for a year and a half and may NEVER be able to run distance again. In fact it might not even help the pain. On the flip side he’s done this for other distance runners who have been able to come back better than ever.

So what to do… I won’t make decisions now, I still have a few races capped off with the NYC Marathon. But some day I’ll hit a point where the pain is just too much and I’ll have to get this damn thing done. It’s not a day I am looking forward to ūüôĀ

The Week in Review

Rough week… we had to live out of a hotel with our 2 dogs all week because our floors were getting redone. ¬†Did terrible things for both my diet and my running ūüėČ ¬†Diet because I ate out all week, running because the hotel treadmill SUCKED and I had to run outside at the hotest part of the day from a hotel that was on top of a big hill. ¬†Starting out was easy, getting back not so much.

rabbitThis morning was fairly light, only 10 miles. ¬†I had this little guy as my pacer for a bit. ¬†Ironic given my leg tattoo of a running tortoise. ¬†Next week is my peak (I think?) of 24, then taper down to my 8 hour timed event August 6th (Sweltering Summer 8 hour). ¬†The goal is 50k. ¬†I’ve been feeling terribly sluggish which could be tired legs or could just be my crap diet. ¬†Also put on a couple pounds which is the wrong direction.

Nothing new on the gear front this week but I am going to be putting on some sleeves next week to try the trick of shoving ice down them. ¬†Also making a nice ice bandana as per the instructions here. ¬†Got all the stuff from Amazon, just need my lovely wife to stitch it together. ¬†I am torn about whether to actually try a semi-duplicate of what my race will be and head up to the track at the high school. ¬†Although shorter than my race loop (it’s like .35) I need practice with the monotony, as well as with having a cooler and all to stop at. ¬†So I may give it a go.