5 days out from 50k!

In 5 days I’m tackling the Sweltering Summer 8 hour, and hope to top 50k.  It should be doable as long as my foot holds out.  And that really is starting to be the problem… every week it’s getting worse.  I am now popping Ibuprofin like it’s going out of style and ice soaking the heck out of it.  Doesn’t seem to be helping very much.  I can’t let myself get too beat up, I still have to deal with NYC in November and then I can rest.

It’s been a taper week so my mileage was down, just 18 for the week.  The weather has been nasty so I did a fair bit on the treadmill.  I’m leaving in a week for a work trip and then vacation, so I have to get on a plane 36 hours after running the race.  I’m sure that’s going to be fun 🙂  I’ve got to get everything together for the race, plus I have to get everything ready for my trip.  Fun times!  Next post will hopefully be a successful race report!

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